The Fairytale

A Fairytale destination for the child we hide inside us

Once upon a time, in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Athens, Monastiraki, a very different house from everything else, becomes the magic gateway to a world of childish laughter and sugar every day. The Hans & Gretel fairytale world is the gateway to the most sacrificial journey. Here children's dreams have a chocolate flavor and memories are sweet and caramelized.

So let yourself be in the magic of our fairy tale! Taste the most delicious sweets and take a shelfie photo with the sweet witch Emily and the well-groomed Hans & Gretel people in fairy dresses. Release the little child that is hiding inside you and let it live an unforgettable experience.

The Journey

Our heroes started for the sweetest and most fascinating journey around the world, in order to discover the dreamiest sweets and share them with their parents and all of us. The journey starts from the Czech Republic, where they discovered the  chimney cake, a sweet, rounded dough that indulges in the incredible  cinnamon flavor, vanilla and sprinkled sugar. With the magic broom of  good witch Emily our heroes flew to England. There they founded the  cotton candy with ice cream, so fluffy that looks like pink a bubble made from sugar and childish smiles. Then they visited the Netherlands, where they recited the secret recipe for mini pancakes poffertjes .

Together with secret recipe, were fortunate to find colorful and fruity jellies and lollipops. Almost beside, in Belgium, they discovered the Bubble waffles, waffles with small sweet bubbles. Flying in Italy ‘unveiled’ another secret recipe for handmade ice cream gelato in many wonderful flavors. The journey continued to distant Canada to discover and to take with them the incredibly red and crispy Candy Apples. And, after arriving to America, they reached the fairy-tale places in Asia to discover unique sweets. In Japan, after searching, managed to find the Bear Waffles that are waiting to be filled with delicacies and ice cream.

Travel to pleasure never stops and continues for even more tasty suggestions …



Passing out of the shop you will see Mommy called Melita baking the delicious Czech chimney cakes on the fire.


Entering in the candy store, the good witch Emily will pick you up with caramelized apples and colored candies.


Hans will offer you the most playful jellies and sugar candies.


Gretel will teach you all the secrets of chocolate.


Dad Ernesto completes this sweet journey with the most delicious shlushes and the oddest beverages.




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