Chimney Cake

Cinnamon flavoured fairytale cakes…

There is nothins like a sweet treat baked fust for you! Chech magic inspired the cration of crispy crunchiness that meets fluffy dough, cinnamon and sugar! Our golden chimney cakes can be filled with…seriously addictive extras!

Bubble Waffles

Tiny Bubbles of Sweetness…

From our fairy-tale adventure in Germany…in our quest for the most flavour-some desserts: bubble waffles with tasty richness that embraces ice cream, marshmallows and toppings!

Artisanal Gelato

Fresh Italian Gelato curated with fairytale ingredients… 

Handmade bite-sizd, colourful marshmallows from the magic lans of Germany and creamy candies that satisfy any sweet craving! Pure sweetness that you can’t find easily anymore-the nolstagic kind from the good old days!


Countless of sweets shipped from Hans & Gretel fairytale land…

A cold, fairy-tale happy ending to our adventure! Fresh and luscious gelato, made according to a traditional, secret and well- kept italian recipe, is our idea of heaven…

Cotton Candy

Hans & Gretel’s pink cloud built from sugar and children’s smiles…

An airy, pink cloud of magic sugar-what kids’ dreams are made of! In lots of flavours and colours, our cotton candy can also accompany an umber-cool ice cream!


Iced Fairytale in more than 9 flavours… 

The frozen candy that cools young and older, in 9 wonderful flavors: bubblegum, mohito, strawberry, blueberry, watermellon, cola, lime, rusberry, orange. It is also served in large special cups that will excite our little friends.


Mouth-watering Belgian chocolates & pralines… 

The sweetest temptation for young and old! The best absolutely mouth-watering Belgian chocolates & pralines.


The fairytale never ends

Caramelized nuts and apples as they make in Germany, the best Belgian chocolates, poffertjes, the most delicious mini pancakes that the Dutch people eat for breakfast, and crepes with chocolate and biscuit. The magic taste workshop is an experience that never ends. You can find something new every time you enter Hans & Gretel, as suggestions are enriched at regular intervals with new flavors from abroad and products vary according to the season.




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