bubble waffle2

Bubble Waffle, the Eastern snack

A proverb says you cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. Bubble waffle or gai daan jai, or eggette, depending on where you are – is a widespread snack on the way to Hong Kong, which means “little chicken egg”.

The snack came in the 1950s and is said to have been invented by shopkeepers who needed to find something to do with all cracked or broken eggs that customers refused to buy.

Instead of flying all these unwanted eggs, they thought of making a mix of milk and flour. This mixture poured into molds – probably the first waffle-shaped molds to compete with the European waffle and originally was consumed warm and fresh as it is.

Later the unique molds you see today with our well-known bubbles were created and today we enjoy the hot bubble waffles with ice cream and toppings of our choice.