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Hans & Gretel has changed the way we see candy today. It merges smells, aromas, interaction and above all pure magic! An ultrasensory destination for all ages, all year round! It awakens all the sweet childhood memories, bringing out the child in every adult reminding them all their favorite sights, smells and tastes!

+30 210 3467895 info@hansgretel.com Voutadon 28, Athens, 11854


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Our Idea of Heaven...

A cold, fairy-tale happy ending to our adventures! Fresh and luscious ice cream, made according to a traditional secret and well-kept Italian recipe, is our idea of heaven...

From Germany with Love...

From our fairy-tale adventure in Germany. In our quest for the most flavour-some desserts: Delicious and unique bubble waffles, with tasty richness that embraces ice cream, marshmallows and toppings!

Czech Magic

There’s nothing like a sweet treat baked just for you! Czech magic inspired the creation of crispy crunchiness that meets fluffy dough, cinnamon and sugar! Our golden chimney cakes can be filled with… seriously addictive extras!

Sweet Dreams are made of these...

Handmade bite sized morsels, colourful marshmallows from the magic land of Germany, and dreamy candies that satisfy any sweet, craving! Pure sweetness that you can’t find easily anymore - the nostalgic kind from the good old days

The Sugar Cloud

And airy, pink cloud of magic sugar - what kids' dreams are made of. In lots of flavours and colours, our cotton candy can also company in uber-cool ice cream

Crafted with love!

Indulge in the delightful flavors of our exquisite Handmade Candies. Crafted with love and passion, each candy is a testament to the artistry and dedication of our skilled confectioners.

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