Introduction to Fairytale

“Hans & Gretel” started its course in 2017 in the center of Athens, bringing to life the famous Grimm brothers fairy tale. With significant business experience, Hans & Gretel’s people have identified the void in the Greek market as there was no interactive and enchanting multi-site offering a variety of sweets. So inspired by the famous markets of Europe and America and with much love and passion created a unique thematic store that offers generous magic and fairy tales to young and old.

The combination of flavors, theme and spectacle gives a clear identity to the concept, making it unique! In a very short time, the concept was loved by the world that wants to share magic moments in a fairy-tale and diversified environment. It is a pole of attraction at Andrianos Street in Monastiraki bringing together its fans and all those who want to experience a magical journey to wonderful flavors from all over the world.

Waking up sweet and childlike memories to our great friends, reminding us of their favorite tastes from their childhood and their travels abroad.

Store Concept

The colorful and tasty path leading to childhood innocence begins at the door of Hans & Gretel.

Human Resources

Investing in our youth team is a key feature and asset for the success of the concept.

Product Mix

The product mix of Hans & Gretel captures all the senses of every visitor with the most magical recipes from all over the world.

Extended Customer Base

Kids, older, men, women, children … no one resists our fabulous and enchanting suggestions!

Our Team

The Daily Heroes of Fairytales

Investing in our youth team is a key feature and asset for the success of the concept. Our staff is carefully selected and trained to be a part of the fairy tale animating the story, always with the smile and friendly attitude towards the public, ready to get them into the world of Hans & Gretel.


An upcoming Brand

More than 10.000 satisfied customers.

Impressive fan page of about 35000 followers on Social Media.

More than 200 new customers every month.

Digital and printed articles but also TV coverage.

Considered to be the most magical meeting point.

Intense Diversified Concept

New category store in the catering field, projecting the interactive character of a sweet and candy factory.

The brightly colored store exudes flavors, smells, colors and images that unfold happy memories and reinforce the whole experience of the customer.

Flavors and senses that someone can find exclusively at Hans & Gretel from certified branded suppliers

Consistent enrichment of product mix that increases sales and the repetitiveness of the customer.

Maximizes the customer’s profit, increasing the loyalty and dedication to the concept.

Value for money options for an interactive service environment satisfying all the needs of the modern-day customer.

Continuous Support & Franchise Services

Select a suitable point

Architectural Design and Scenography

Complete education

Operating Manuals

Integrated Marketing

Continuous support in daily operation & management

If you want to join the magical family
of Hans & Gretel press one of the followings and find out more!



Telephone: +302103315168